About Mark Sultana

Mark Sultana  AIA, NCARB

Most architects – no matter how skilled on the drawing board – have never picked up a hammer. Their role models might have been Frank Lloyd Wright or Le Corbusier, famous for residential design and minimalism but were notorious for their practical defects, like flat roofs that constantly leaked.

I truly enjoy both the design and construction aspects because it gives me a hands-on perspective on building residential and commercial projects. The experience of being on both sides lets me know how much materials cost, how change orders can delay the work, and how to finish a well-designed project on time and on budget.

I have now completed building my fourth house and through each personal home I have built, I have learned and improved on all of them.

Located in the City of Sarasota, our family-oriented 2,200 square-foot modern custom home incorporates numerous “smart design” features. For example, we’re using attractive but inexpensive finishes, and high-quality cabinetry and appliances that cost less than the European imported brands.  It also has hurricane-resistant impact glass, spray foam insulation and other energy-saving and “green” features. The final cost is less than $150 a square foot, giving us the best of both worlds: a beautiful modern home at a very affordable price.   To get to a price like this clients have to be willing to get their hands dirty.

In working with my clients, I ask them for their input on what they would like the end product to be.  I call this their “wish-list”. I want them to be involved with the decision making from the structural style to details in the bathrooms to bonus rooms while staying within their budget.

That approach resonates with many of today’s residential clients who want a one-of-a-kind home or condominium for approximately the same price as a “me-too” production home.  From sleek Modern to comfortable Traditional to elegant Mediterranean, every home I design is meticulously detailed to stand out from the rest – at the right price for today’s market.

This also stands true for my commercial work, ranging from office interior build-outs, Club house facilities, both medical and traditional office buildings and also retail complexes, every structure that I design should make a difference.